Stock ROM for broken Zenfoen4 A400CG WW

Posted:金曜日, 5月 20, 2016 by lonestar
My Zenfone4 broke completely. I could never do Factory reset.System is currently suspended.(photo below)
I was able to be revived from this state in the following way.
  • First download firmware.
  • Copy RAW file to SD card and put SD card to Zenfone4.
  • Start a Droidboot mode.(press power + vol up button)
And then select the SD DOWNLOAD.
Update of the system was successful.
follow the instructions on the screen.
We have successfully installed V6.5.27.raw (KitKat).
Then, update to Lollipop.Access to the following link, and then select the "version WW_7.4.4.0".
Copy the downloaded ZIP file to the SD card.and then put an SD card to Zenfone4.Then turn on the power.
Update successful!


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